Best Social Media Marketing Tips to Use for Your Strategy

employees working on social media marketing

Social media marketing uses online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to build relationships and interact with potential and current customers.  When done correctly, social media marketing can be a powerful tool to reach new customers, build brand awareness, and grow your business.  But what are the best ways to use social media for your…

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6 Helpful Tips for Successful Geofencing in Birmingham, AL

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Birmingham is Alabama’s largest city and is a major cultural and economic center in the southeastern United States. It is also home to several corporations, such as the Alabama Power Company, Regions Bank, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. At the same time, it is also an excellent opportunity to invest in geofencing marketing.…

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Organic Marketing 101: 7 Best B2B SEO Strategy Tips

seo strategy

Regarding organic marketing, B2B businesses have a few things working against them. For one, they often lack the consumer audience that B2C firms enjoy. Additionally, their products and services can be pretty complex (and thus difficult to explain in an optimized search engine).  Despite these circumstances, there are still different effective SEO strategies for B2B…

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How to Use Geofencing and Geotargeting for Google Ads

Digital Marketing, Google Ads, SEO

With the rise of mobile usage, Google has developed new ways to target ads to consumers. Google Ads recently released new features for geofencing and geotargeting. They are both parts of location-based marketing, but they have different uses.  Drawing a virtual fence around a specific geographic location constitutes geofencing, whereas geotargeting entails using various strategies…

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What Are the Top Advantages of Geofencing for Your Business?

Digital Marketing, SEO

Geofencing is a location-based service that allows you to define virtual boundaries around a real-world location. When a user enters or leaves the limits, you can trigger a response, such as sending a notification or running a script. Geofencing is commonly used with GPS and mobile devices. There are several advantages of geofencing for businesses.…

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Everything You Should Know about Content Creation: A Guide

woman with laptop writing on notebook

Brands must give their users and customers the content they need; if they don’t, they’ll go to a competitor who will.  Creating content is essential for businesses to survive and those that do it best will prosper. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about content creation and how you can make…

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Digital Marketing Budget

man using laptop for digital marketing

Entrepreneurs understand the power of digital marketing. They had seen it first hand in the last two years when the eCommerce industry boomed. However, it does not necessarily follow that you will bust your entire year’s budget for Digital Marketing. Having an enormous budget does not mean you will be successful. Even if you allot a…

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