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Services Performed: Facebook Ads


When Ends Don’t Meet is a financial lending service provider. They offer small to medium size personal loans designed to bridge the gap between paychecks. WEDM has been working with 19 separate lenders across three different states to provide personal touch lending services with fair repayment practices.

The Problem

WEDM needed to transition from internal lead generation to a paid ads strategy on social media. Due to the complexities of Facebook’s policies, they elected to reach out to us for Facebook Advertising. Additionally, the leads generated would need to be filtered and sent to the correct lender for follow-up.

The Solution

Create a full marketing funnel to deliver leads to the client. Develop a multi-location campaign through Facebook to deliver the right ad to the right location. Meet regularly with WEDM to iterate and improve on our ad quality.

The Results

We were able to deliver on all of our promises to generate quality leads, filter them to the right location, and establish a personal touch for each potential customer. WEDM has since added additional services such as website development and search engine optimization (SEO). This continues to be a very strong campaign, despite Facebook’s ongoing changes.

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