Geofencing Marketing | Location-Based Advertising


At Nick the Marketer, we’re obsessed with location! It’s been at the forefront of our business model since we started in 2018. Through Geofencing Ads, we are able to connect with mobile users in a specific area like a store or through mobile apps and websites. This allows us to push targeted advertisements directly where we want them, in the hands of potential customers. Our approach includes starting with a local message and growing your reach. Digital Advertising through location based targeting or geofencing mobile marketing offers a granular approach to targeting your ideal customers.

But here’s something you might not know! Even in today’s connected world, understanding how your customers behave on-the-ground is crucial. Identifying with pinpoint accuracy who these customers are, where they are, and how they behave can open up incredible possibilities for your business.

Nick the Marketer - Geofencing Ads


Our first step is to gain a complete understanding of your audience. We use the largest Geofencing advertising platform in the world, and we ensure our data reporting is the highest quality to make sure your ads are set up for success. With geofencing when someone uses a location-enabled app, our technology verifies the location signal with precision and accuracy and each signal is then run through our patented location verification process, removing inaccuracies, filtering outliers, and analyzing patterns. This helps yield precise mobile location targeting data or geofencing campaigns you can trust!


Next, we match these signals to places. Within our Geofencing software, exists blueprints for over 100 million unique locations all over the globe. Through geofencing we also utilize software blueprints that are dissected into multiple layers that mimic the real-world. Geofencing allows us to precisely target if a person is in a store, in the parking lot, or within walking distance of a location. Our geofencing applications distinguishes a passerby from an actual or potential customer. We even use neighborhood technology which maps defined areas that show high visitation affinity to nearby stores or locations. With access to marketing technology this powerful, we can take better action on offline behaviors to make sure we’re targeting exactly who we need to in order to help your business grow.


All this adds up to measurable performance! Whether that’s driving traffic to your site, your brick and mortar store, increasing sales, promoting an upcoming event, or enabling you to plan, with the data gathered from advertising we can predict and prepare for real consumer behavior with geofencing. Your business doesn’t need guesswork, it needs the reality on the ground. So, let us show you the amazing things we can do with location data and Geofencing marketing that turns mobile clicks into customers.


Excited to dive into the world of Digital Advertising but are unsure of where to start? We can help! Schedule a strategy session with our team and let’s help map out your vision to see if we’re a good fit for you and your business.