Social Media Advertising


Our approach to Social Media Advertising at Nick the Marketing is simple but incredibly effective:

Our advertising process is simple:

Offer + Urgency x Audience = Qualified Leads

We believe that if our formula is applied to the right business it has the potential to yield insane results! Through advertising on social media, we’re able to target your ideal customer to grow your current audience, create brand awareness, generate traffic, and bring in new leads.

Worried that you might not have the best offer to capture users' attention? We can help! Because we have been running successful social media advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn since 2018 we have a knack for helping our clients formulate the best offer for their business. Luckily, through social media advertising we also have the ability to try out different objectives, offers, graphics, copy, and audiences until we find that sweet spot in the market to help you outperform your competition.

  1. Audience Targeting: When starting your advertising campaign, we will work with you to determine, in detail, your business’s ideal target audience. Using Facebook and LinkedIn’s advanced targeting platforms, we have the ability to hyper-focus our ads to the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

  2. Campaign Objective: We understand that not every business is the same (obviously!) That means not every objective can be the same. We take the time to align ourselves with your business goals in order to better serve ads to your target audience. Most often, we track lead conversions by driving traffic to a high-converting landing page. However, we also have the opportunity to choose other objectives like reach, brand awareness, video views, engagement, lead generation, conversions, etc. Throughout our initial kickoff meeting, we will formulate the best objective to work with your business goals.

  3. Ad Development: With the use of video, graphic design, and/or sponsored content, we go to work on creating captivating visual aspects for your ads campaign. Additionally, we write the advertisement copy following our formula, and create a landing page and funnel to nurture the leads throughout the buying journey. We do all the work on our end so that you can fully focus on other areas of your business.

  4. Campaign Launch: While this seems like the finished product, it’s not. Once you’ve approved the initial ads, we launch your campaign and our team keeps a close eye on the performance of your ads. Because we create multiple versions, we will end the ads that are slow or not working, and split test new ads against the successful ones. Finally, when we have enough traffic to your website or landing page, we will begin retargeting those visitors in a separate campaign. The cycle is ongoing and allows us to virtually turn clicks into customers!

We believe that our formula, applied to the right business, has the potential to yield insane results.



Facebook is a social media platform all about community. Advertising through Facebook allows us to target specific demographics, behaviors, and interests. Additionally, it retargets people who have visited your page on the most popular social platform in the world. We have found it to be one of the most effective ways to advertise to past and potential customers!


We refer to Instagram as the “vanity platform.” It has by far, the highest engagement rate of all social media ads platforms. We advertise on Instagram to help build brand awareness by targeting its 500 million + users based on interests, who they follow, and retarget to those who view your page.


We recommend LinkedIn as the best “B2B” platform as it is considered the top ad platform for Business to Business marketing in the world. Run sponsored ads targeting by company name, company industry, job seniority, and member groups.


If you're looking to expand your brand's reach and connect with younger audiences, TikTok advertising might be just what you need. TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to create and share short, engaging videos. With over a billion active users worldwide, it's become a powerhouse for marketing and advertising. By utilizing TikTok's advertising tools, businesses can reach a massive audience and create memorable, shareable content that resonates with their target demographic.


From choosing the right campaign objective for social media advertising, creating the right visuals, and formulating the best ad copy, Nick the Marketer works with companies just like yours to develop effective Social Media Advertising strategies. Our approach to Social Media Advertising ensures that your business not only generates traffic, builds brand awareness, and clicks but converts them into new business opportunities.

Simply put, we turn clicks into customers!

When you are ready to start reaching your audience where they are through social media advertising, be sure to schedule a strategy call with our team today! We’ll help you map out the best advertising strategy for your business to start helping you grow your brand’s social proof, educate your audience, and more.