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Services Performed: SEO, Google Ads, Social Media


DSLD welcomes projects of any scope and size, and stands ready to serve our clients with one of Alabama’s most credentialed professional staff including almost a dozen licensed and/or degreed designers, landscape architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, several degreed horticulturists, turfgrass specialists, and aquatic garden experts as well as a combined 350+ years of landscape design/build experience! We also employ a dedicated and experienced field service team with all requisite trades on board. We have our own team of licensed plumbers, master electricians, licensed natural gas/propane, brick, block, and rock masons, painters, and carpenters.

The Problem

Create a consistent flow of high-quality jobs coming into the business.  DSLD wants to transform your yard into something you are proud of.

The Solution

Our SEO services were the perfect solution. We were able to move multiple keywords to the first page of Combination of Google Ads, SEO, and social media posting allowed us to blanket the market area being served.  Focused on higher-end jobs, SEO was able to concentrate on the landscape design services, which Google Ads was able to target the design aspects and their newer pool division.

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