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What comes to mind when you think of a mechanic? Well, at Hoover Automotive, you can expect all that but so much more. You’ll be able to smell the oil and see the grease, but you can also expect courtesy and professionalism- both with you and your vehicle. Their highly skilled and experienced mechanics are not the kind that try to talk women into having their “blinker fluid” topped off for a few extra dollars. They’re honest and simply want you to be able to drive around confidently and safely.

The Problem

Hoover Automotive was a newer company that needed its online presence to drive business. Their shop is geared towards repairs, so showing up on Google was the number one priority.

The Solution

We implemented our SEO services and within 90 days, we had multiple keywords on page 1. Their phone calls began to increase and their shop grew. We now have all major keywords for their industry in their city on page 1.

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