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At Nick the Marketer, we take pride in our approach to SMM! Our social media team understands the ins and outs of how to effectively run ads for your business on social media as well as creating posts on the appropriate platforms that will help grow your brand.

We do this through one of 2 ways:

Social Media Advertising

It’s no surprise to anyone that people spend a lot of time on social media! In fact, it’s estimated that Americans spend over 2 hours of their day scrolling through social media. What if you could put your brand in front of them as they scroll through Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn? We can help you do just that through social media advertising. At Nick the Marketer, our approach to Social Media Advertising is simple but incredibly effective!

Nick The Marketer is the best Social Media Management company in Alabama

Social Media Management

Having a social media presence is important for businesses of any size! Staying active and consistent on social media is helpful when it comes to bringing in new customers because through your posts you can gain trust with your audience and build your social proof. However, we know that staying social can be time-consuming and it can be a challenge to stay on top of it while you’re trying to juggle other areas of your business especially when it feels like social media is changing just about every day. That’s why we offer custom social posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for our clients!

Our social media team understands the ever-changing landscape of social media and will take care of optimizing your current social media accounts, curate a full hashtag list, design posts, and schedule them out to reach your audience. Through our SMM packages, we want to ensure that we give you all the time back that you would spend doing your own social media so that you can focus on growing other areas of your business.

Wondering what types of posts we can create for you? At Nick the Marketer, all of our social media posts for our clients fit into one of the following three categories: to educate, to engage, or to entertain. Posts can highlight your products or services, show off your team members, share your blogs and other relevant industry news, promote specials, and more. We also design posts to fit your brand guidelines and work with you to make sure we’re posting relevant information for your business, make sure time sensitive posts are going out to your audience, and more.

Content Creation

When our team writes content for our clients, it is designed to serve a purpose! Our approach to content writing is a direct result of the problem we are trying to solve for your business. Our team’s background of traditional advertising and commercial writing, coupled with our unique approach to digital marketing, gives Nick the Marketer clients a distinct advantage over their competition. Whether we’re writing copy for advertising or social media purposes, we make sure that your content captures the attention of your target audience and followers to help convert them into paying customers!


From choosing the right campaign objective for social media advertising, to developing unique social media posts to help your business build up social proof, Nick the Marketer works with companies just like yours to develop effective Social Media Marketing strategies. Our approach to Social Media Marketing ensures that your business not only generates traffic, builds brand awareness, and clicks but converts them into new business opportunities.

Simply put, we turn clicks into customers!

When you are ready to start reaching your audience where they are through social media advertising and SMM, be sure to schedule a strategy call with our team today! We’ll help you map out the best social media strategy for your business to start helping you grow your brand’s social proof, educate your audience, and more.

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