Everyone wants to sell you a beautiful website design, but beauty without purpose is a waste! That's why at Nick the Marketer, we focus on designing mobile-first, high converting websites focused on converting clicks into customers while being sure to maintain the integrity of your brand through typography choices, color, visuals, and more.

We focus on your website having a mobile-first design to ensure that you can reach your audience wherever they are! Through having a mobile-friendly and mobile responsive design, your website design will work the exact same way across all devices whether your user is using their phone, tablet, or desktop to browse your site which comes in handy considering that nowadays, most people do a lot of their internet browsing through their mobile devices such as their cell phones or tablets.

While having a great looking website is important, we believe that each web design we create, at its core, is designed to convert visitors into paying customers. Have you ever visited a website and not known exactly what you’re supposed to do next? We can help create the map for your visitors to convert those clicks into customers. We do this by “directing traffic” throughout the design of the website so that your visitors will have a clear call to action that is entirely based on how we are driving traffic to your website!

Website design and development

Our Website Design Process


When first meeting with you about developing your website, we love to know what aspects of your current website you like and even the parts you dislike. We also ask you to provide some links to websites that you like to help us understand your vision before we begin designing. During the concept part of the process, we will answer any questions you have about features and functionality that you’d like to see on your website! This is a great starting point in helping us design your ideal website for your business. We also go over the content needed for the website during the concept phase so that we can understand the flow of your website.


After we’ve discussed with you what your likes and dislikes are in a website, then begins the mock-up design portion! Our website design team takes the notes from our original meeting to design your website. The design process also includes a mock-up approval meeting where we show you what the website will look like, answer any questions you may have, and take notes on changes you would like to see before we fully build out your website.


Now’s the time when we build out your website based on the approved mock-up. Our website development team will handle all the coding, set up, and adding the appropriate content to each page of your website. We take all of the notes from the mock-up review and make sure all the changes and edits match up in the build of the website. Once the building portion is completed, your website is ready to be delivered and launched!


The moment you’ve been waiting for… your website to launch! During the delivery phase, we will do a thorough review of your website and have a final review meeting before taking your website live. With delivery, we will also show you how to access our support system so that if you have any edits after launch, we can get these made for you.

Web Development & Management

At Nick the Marketer, our team of expert web developers can handle all of your website needs to help take the added stress off of your back while you continue to focus on other areas of your business.

When we work together on your website, you’ll receive:


Reach your customers, no matter where they are, with a modern, mobile-friendly website.



When was the last time your website had a design refresh? Is your website optimized for mobile? Let our website design team help! We can walk you through our website design process to help you create a functional, responsive, and well designed website for your business. Schedule a strategy session with our team and let’s help map out your vision to see if we’re a good fit for you and your business.