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BMR Homes is a family-owned Remodeling and Restoration business in Homewood, AL. It was started by second-generation contractor, Chris Youngs and his wife Michelle in 2004 out of the basement of their home. Chris grew up on job sites with his dad learning the craft and what it meant to be a business owner. BMR was created with family as the focus, starting with the name: B- for his oldest daughter Brittany, M- for his wife Michelle, and R- for his youngest daughter Regan.

In 2005 Chris was called by members of his family in Mississippi to help after Hurricane Katrina. They were having a hard time finding respectful contractors to repair, and rebuild, homes along the coast. Chris was able to help countless people have a fresh start and move back into their homes. Once back in Birmingham, Chris worked hard to build a local team that he could be proud of. Now 15 years later, BMR has won 12 AREA Awards for their work around the city and is known as a positive force in the industry.

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