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Things That You Should Consider When It Comes to Your SEO

SEO is not only optimal for your business, but downright necessary. When a person is looking for a burger restaurant near them or needs to have a makeover from the best hairdresser, they will log on to the internet to search for those particular services. If you’re a restaurant or a hairdresser, and you can’t be found on search engines, that means business for your competitor—which is bad news for you.

You want to be easily found on search engines like Google, and to do that, your SEO should be on point. If you have heard of SEO but unsure how to implement it properly, here’s a quick rundown of what SEO is:

The Essence of SEO

Put simply, SEO is a set of marketing rules which focus on expanding website visibility and content through unpaid search engine results, known as organic search. This applies across all major search engines, especially Google. 

Taking our earlier example, SEO allows users to search for the best burger or the best hairdresser in town. When you have excellent SEO, you can claim the top spot on search engines. Users looking for a burger restaurant or a hairdresser will probably scroll through the first few results, and if you’re on the first page, they will likely click on your website. This can then translate into a sale.

SEO has elements in both the creative and technical sense, including website loading speed and chosen keywords to get your website found by people. When it’s effective, SEO will bring traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, and improve search engine result ranking.

Take note, though, that SEO is something that has to be done regularly, and certainly takes more than a one-time instance. 

Read on for top things that you should consider when it comes to your SEO:

Keyword List

Any SEO strategy’s core revolves around keywords chosen specifically for your website, guest blogs, social posts, and more. These keywords should be relevant to your business.

Make sure to review your keyword lists on a monthly basis. There are times when the keywords you’re using are not working in your favor. Other times, they are just not relevant to you. For example, if you’re a construction company and now only handling residential construction, your “commercial construction” keyword is no longer applicable.

Aside from your target keywords, you need to have goal keywords as well, or the keywords that you’re looking to rank on sooner rather than later. Add and modify new keywords in order to ensure you’re always on top of industry and search trends. 

Use marketing software like Google Analytics or HubSpot for the continuous tracking of keywords. That way, you can see how you rank and see what needs maintenance or change in your strategy for SEO. 

SEO Plan

Over the last decade, SEO strategies have evolved in several ways. Before, it used to be packing as many keywords in your content as possible and not minding your backlinks. Today, you have to have a comprehensive and well-thought-out SEO strategy to achieve your goals. 

To have an effective strategy in place, you have to have basic SEO elements in place first. These are those elements:

  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • H1 Tags
  • Alt Text Image
  • Body Content
  • Links

The SEO plan has to have long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords alike, as well as branded keywords that can bring the target audience in. It should also have a focus on persona profiling in order to determine what your audience needs and what they are searching for online. 


SEO is a key part of any website and marketing effort. However, even working with the best SEO agency is best done with core knowledge. There are many things an SEO strategy should have, but two of the core requirements are a solid keyword list and a comprehensive SEO plan. 

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