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We have a completely unique approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that simply isn’t being done in our industry. While other companies are focused on ranking keywords on page one of Google, we are focused on generating qualified leads for our clients. This does not make us the best fit for everyone. However, it makes us the perfect fit for businesses, like yours, who want qualified leads that convert into paying customers.

Digital Footprint

Did you know that the online presence of your business leaves digital footprints all over the internet? To be blunt, Google tracks EVERYTHING about your business online. While that can be unsettling at times, it gives us the opportunity to find out exactly what your business looks like online: how you are ranking, where you have some gaps, and how Nick the Marketer can fill those gaps to get your business more qualified leads.

We give you this thorough a Digital Footprint analysis for FREE! Click below to get started.

Local SEO

SEO has changed over the years. We believe that the most important place for your business to show up on Google Search is in the map 3-pack. We’re not alone. Google reports that the local 3-pack appears in the #1 spot 93% of the time when a local search is performed and over 70% of all search clicks come from the map 3-pack. 

Gaining these coveted 3-pack positions can be quite the task. Don’t worry, we’ve become incredibly effective in ranking our clients in this position. Having your business show up in the right search, at the right time has become a staple to our lead generation recipe. 

We’re so proud of this SEO recipe that we documented it in our lead gen cookbook. If you have some technical chops, we invite you to download a copy of “Rank On Google Maps” by clicking the button below.

Mobile SEO

Quick question…are you reading this on a mobile device? In the bathroom? (don’t answer that)

Google has moved to mobile-first indexing as of February 2020 and has fully embraced this as the future of digital search. The fact is, your business needs to be thoughtfully optimized for mobile search. In 2019 over 52% of global internet traffic occurred on a mobile device. We believe this is less of a cultural “trend” and has become the social norm. That means if your business is going to succeed in this digital world it has to be optimized for mobile search.

Our mobile-first approach to SEO is at the forefront of all of our current and future optimization techniques. Here are just a few of our “super nerdy” best practices for Mobile SEO:

  • Page Speed: Because of hardware and connectivity issues, page speed is even more important for mobile users than desktop users. Beyond optimizing images, we minimize code, leverage browser caching, and reduce redirects.
  • Unblocking CSS, JavaScript, and images: the Smartphone GoogleBot wants to be able to see and categorize the same content that users do. So we don’t hide it. These elements are also critical to helping Google understand that you have a responsive mobile website.
  • Mobile Website Design: Mobile devices are simplifying and revolutionizing the ways sites are designed. If we build your website, we utilize the AMP development framework to ensure your website is Mobile First
  • Schema Markups: Because of the limited screen space, a search result with rich snippets is even more likely to stand out than on a desktop. Read more about’s structured data.

Organic SEO

Just because it’s not the first thing we do doesn’t mean we don’t still believe in it. We believe in long term play when it comes to optimizing your business. This requires a full and systematic approach to organic SEO. 

Here’s how it works:

Competition Research:

The first step in creating a competitive edge is to identify your competition and know their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the competition is crucial, which is why this requires ongoing analysis. Not only can you learn best practices from competitors, but you can also learn to avoid the mistakes they make. We use some really cool internal tools that allow us to look at what your competitors are ranking for, how many times they are showing up in search, and how much money they are spending on Google Ads. 

Keyword Research:

Our SEO team at Nick the Marketer will conduct full keyword research based on your needs as a business. The keywords will be broken down into three main types:

  • Focus Keyword: the core keyword chosen for each page.
  • Primary Keywords: the set of keywords that will appear in most of the descriptions and within the content.
  • Long-tail Keywords: these are the keywords that will only appear within the content of the website.

On-Page SEO Services:

This is where we optimize your business’s individual web pages in order to rank higher and gain more relevant traffic. Our SEO agency experts will advise which pages of your website need to be updated based directly on your approved keywords. We ensure that the search engines understand the focus keywords for each page.

In addition, we map out all URLs that need to be updated and/or added to the strategy, including current and recommended meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, and h1 tags. Ideally, each page should contain unique title tags and content.

Meta descriptions can be seen on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), and describe to users what each of your website pages are about. These meta descriptions allow us to highlight relevant keywords, while clarifying your message and adding proper call-to-action. After all, we are a lead generation agency! 

We will evaluate your on-page SEO every month and resolve any issues found within audits so that your optimization is always up to date with Google’s latest algorithm changes.

Off-Page SEO Services:

There is so much more to optimization than just what happens on your website. Along with directory listings, citations, and social media posts, our team will create keyword-relevant content submitted to off-page blogs and directories. This content will have links that direct traffic to your website, resulting in higher conversions.

Some of our distribution channels:

  • Niche-specific blogs and content curators
  • Relevant news websites
  • Trade publications
  • Forums and online communities
  • Professional associations

Ready to take the next step?

From selecting the right keywords to rank your business at the top, to developing call-to-actions that will convert leads, Nick the Marketer works with companies just like yours to develop effective SEO strategies. This formulaic approach to SEO ensures that your business generates traffic and clicks but converts them into new business opportunities. 

Simply put, we turn clicks into customers!

When you are ready to take your business to the people who are searching, contact us at 205-610-9550 or send us an email at

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