How to Post an Instagram Story like a Pro

How to Post an Instagram Story like a Pro

Whether it be by promoting your services, gaining trust, or adding a personality behind your brand, Instagram stories can be beneficial in helping you grow your business! But what you’re probably wondering now is “Okay, but how do I post one?” Although there can be a lot of steps and ways to spice Instagram stories up, we’re going to break it down for you so it’s easy to follow!

1. Open Instagram and click the camera in the left hand corner

The first step is a no brainer, of course you’re going to need to be in the Instagram app to upload an Instagram story. Once you are in Instagram, press the camera in the left hand corner. This will open up what we will call the “Instagram Story Dashboard.”


2. Take photo or video

At this step you can do one of two things, take a photo or video to upload to your story.

To post a photo: Find your subject, be sure to line it up just right, and simply press the middle circle at the bottom of your screen.

For video: You can hold the circle down and it will begin recording a video of whatever you’re wanting to capture. Whenever you’re done, release the circle and your video should play back to you.

Keep in mind though that Instagram will only capture your video for 1 minute!

3. Upload photo you’ve already taken, swipe up and choose photo

Went to an event and snapped a few photos but forgot to take one for your Instagram? That’s okay! With Instagram stories you can also upload photos you’ve already taken on your phone. To do so, you can swipe up while in the
Dashboard and select the photo within your camera roll that your’d like to upload to your story.

4. Send to, “Your Story,” Share

Now all you need to do is share the image or video that you captured on your Instagram story! To do so, all you have to do is press the button in the left-hand corner that says “Your Story” and ta da, your story is posting!

And there you have it, the basic rundown of how to post an Instagram story ? Pretty easy, right? (ITA™s totally okay if you say no here, haha. We understand that it can take some practice!)

Now that you understand the basics of posting a story to your Instagram, there are a few things you can do to spice up your Instagram stories like adding text, color, GIFs, and more! Be sure to stay connected as we continue to navigate you through the world of Instagram Stories.

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