Spice Up Your Instagram Stories With These 4 Tips

Spice Up Your Instagram Stories With These 4 Tips

By now, we’ve learned how Instagram stories can be useful for growing your business and have gone over step by step on how to post them. The last thing we want to cover in our Instagram Story series is how to jazz up the stories! There are a few things that you can do to grab your audience’s attention while they’re tapping through stories on their feed!


Having text on your photos or videos is the easiest way to draw attention to your stories. Once your photo or video is uploaded, you have the option to add text or draw some color onto your story. To add text, all you have to do is tap on the screen and a keyboard will popup. From there you can start typing away, change the color (at the bottom) add a bar of color (A at the top), or change the font style (the button in the middle top.) Once you’ve written the text you’ve wanted you can select “Done” and drag and resize your text wherever you’d like to put it!


You can also draw on your images or videos. Up at the top you should see 5 icons, for color you’re going to want to select either the pen. You can change which pen you are drawing and select a color down at the bottom. After you’ve selected your pen and color, you can resize it on the left hand side and then you’re good to draw away! Drawn something and need to erase it? The last pen option is an eraser or you can press undo.


Stickers are another fun way to add a pop to your Instagram stories. You can do this by selecting the square button with the smiley face on it. Then, you can simply scroll through the options or search for a type of sticker you’re looking through. You can also search through a library of GIFs! You’ll see how that there are many options like polls, questions, countdowns, quizzes, etc. These are fun for pulling in engagement for your stories or gathering some market research. The results from quizzes and polls can be seen by clicking to watch your story and swiping up!


Some other fun things you can add to your stories that will help bring people to your account are adding the location or a hashtag. You can do this in the sticker section as well. The location and the hashtags help your stories be seen by people outside of your followers! 

Using these tips can help draw attention to your stories and spice them up! Want to learn more? Try playing around with the different features that Instagram stories has or if you have any specific questions regarding Instagram stories, let us know! (205) 610-9550

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