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The Possible Reasons Why Your PPC Campaign Is Failing

PPC advertising is a way for businesses to pay and display their products or services to potential customers. This approach can be done with the help of digital marketing agencies and can be both effective and profitable.

That said, there are also a number of reasons why a PPC campaign might fail to meet its goals. If you are experiencing the same dilemma right now and have no idea why look no further than our pointers below.

1. You Have Insufficient Impressions

A PPC campaign should be able to generate more traffic than a regular SEO campaign but at a lower cost. If you see that there are keywords that are not resulting in conversions, then you need to either adjust your website to be more relevant to those keywords or stop using those keywords altogether.

There are two main things to consider when picking keywords: 

  • The number of searches conducted on them 
  • The quality of the page that appears in the top search results

Many web admins make the mistake of targeting keywords based on how their business operates rather than how their clients or prospects search for it. The best way to determine the right keywords to target is to conduct keyword research and analyze your competitor’s targeting. Make sure your digital marketing agencies are aware of this and are working with the right suppliers.

2. You Only Have a Few Click-Throughs

Click-through rates show you how often people who see your ad end up clicking on it. If you have a low click-through rate, it could mean that people are not interested in your ad or that it is not relevant to them.

You may solve this concern by:

  • Boosting your cost per click (CPC) and going for a higher bid. This will help improve your position in the ad auction.
  • Realize that the way you word your ad can make a big difference in how many people will click on it. If you have a target audience, you should word your ad in a way that resonates with them. Additionally, if your ad is not particularly compelling or visible, prospective customers may not notice it at all.

3. You Have Very Little Shares

If you think your ads aren’t being shown enough, you can check your impression share for each keyword in your PPC campaign. This will help you figure out if the ads are being shown for relevant keywords.

Below are just a few tips to boost your impression share with regards to your digital marketing agencies: 

  • Your ad’s impression share is the percentage of times your ad appears in search results compared to other advertisers. If you’re not appearing in search results as often as you’d like, you’ll need to increase your bids.
  • The average position metric tells you where your ad is appearing on the search results page on average. If your ad is appearing in the top position, then your average position will be close to 1. If your ad appears in the bottom position, then your average position will be close to the number of search results on the page. If you want to find out if some of your ads are not appearing or if there are competitor ads appearing, then you can look at the average position metric.
  • Your ad should reflect the user’s search query by including the keyword. You can A/B test different versions of your ad to see which performs better.


Overall, there are several possible reasons why your PPC campaign may be failing. These include, but are not limited to, improper campaign setup, low-quality or irrelevant keywords, and ineffective bidding strategies. By identifying the root cause of your campaign’s failure and addressing it, you can improve your chances of success going forward.

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