Top 4 Benefits of YouTube Advertising

Top 4 Benefits of YouTube Advertising

It seems like nowadays, there are so many social media networks to choose from. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tik Tok, Snapchat, the list goes on and on. For personal use, these platforms are a great way to stay connected to your friends, family, and the world around us. You’ve also more than likely seen ad upon ad on Facebook and Instagram but did you know that YouTube is a great place to showcase your ads as well? Because, on average every month, more than 1 billion people are watching YouTube and are consuming around 6 billion hours of content. With that many eyes on the platform, it’s clear to see why it’s becoming such a popular platform for many businesses to run ads! Still not so sure? Here at Nick the Marketer, a marketing company we specialize in YouTube Ads in Birmingham, AL we want to help convince you on why you should consider marketing your business on one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there!


Over the past few years, YouTube has grown tremendously as the network has positioned itself as both a social media platform and a search engine. For example, audiences are normally on YouTube for one of two reasons: entertainment or education. Users can watch a daily vlog of someone they’re subscribed to or a clip from one of their favorite talk shows, but they can also search for tips on how to change their tire or reviews for a mattress they’re wanting to purchase! It’s also been shown that more and more people are ditching cable and moving towards streaming clips, movies, and even tv shows on YouTube. So, if you’re trying to spread your business’s message to a wide audience, YouTube is the perfect place to do so.


Just like Facebook and Google Ads, YouTube Ads lets you target different areas as it relates to your audience. You can target specific demographics, placements, interests, retargeting, and much more. This allows you to plug in all the features of your specific audience in hopes of pointing more leads towards your business! Demographics allow you to set things like the age, gender, and income level of your ideal customer and placement lets you target popular videos that your audience may be already watching. YouTube allows you to get super specific and even include interests in your targeting and if people have visited your page before, your ads can pop up again to get them to come back. Proper targeting helps you be able to attract the right people and avoid sharing your offer to the void. 

Variety of Formats

YouTube gives you a variety of options as far as formatting your ads go. Often, the video ads are called TrueView Ads but YouTube has broken them down into TrueView in stream ads and TrueView discovery ads. We’ll break them down for you!

TrueView in-stream ads appear within the videos and can be bumper ads, skippable, and non-skippable video ads. With in-stream ads you’ll pay every time a user watches at least 30 seconds of your video unless it’s a shorter ad like a bumper ad. Bumper ads are short, normally 6 second, video ads played before the video. These are great for businesses that want to deliver a short, simple message and to get their point across. We’ll get to cost soon, but it’s important to know that bumper ads are charged by CPM – cost per thousand impressions meaning that if your bumper ad gets over 1,000 impressions, you’ll pay for those.

TrueView discovery ads are basically what you’d think! They are ads that help people discover your videos and are typically display and overlay ads. Both of these ad types are optimized for desktop. Display ads are shown on the right side of a video, normally above the suggested videos, and tend to be less popular for advertisers. Overlay ads appear at the bottom of the video and take up about 20% of the space. If you can key in to your niche and phrases that they might be looking for these ads can be very helpful! 


The overall cost of running ads on YouTube is fairly low! Typically, the average cost of running an ad on a video is anywhere between $0.10 and $0.30 which means that every time someone interacts with or clicks on your ad, you end up paying between 10-30 cents. Another thing to note about YouTube ads is that there is not a minimum amount that your company has to spend to run them. You can set your daily budget to whatever you’re comfortable doing and how large of an audience you’d like to reach. A lot of businesses set a daily budget of around $10 to run ads on YouTube. However, overall the cost that you will pay depends on what type of ad you’re wanting to run and how much you’re willing to bid for placements.

When it comes to digital advertising there are plenty of platforms you can use! Whether you like Facebook, Instagram, or Google, putting aside a budget for advertising is important for your business. With the reach that YouTube has on viewers, it only makes sense for you to advertise your business there as well and we recommend it be something you put your budget toward. 

Need help defining your target audience and creating killer ads that convert? Nick the Marketer can help! We specialize in YouTube Ads in Birmingham, AL, and can help you create the perfect marketing strategy when it comes to advertising your business on YouTube. Schedule a call today!

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