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Effective Social Media Impacts Search Engine Optimization

Social media has become an integral part of how many people search for goods and services. Two-thirds of shoppers start their product searches on social media. That said, social media plays a big role in reaching your target market. But how does it impact your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

It Drives Traffic to your Website

Social media, like SEO, can drive traffic to your website. This traffic can help raise your website’s ranking on search engines and help you grow your business.

If the content you post on social media is good, people will share it, and more people will see it in an ever-expanding network. This is why you need to post content that is more than just a sales pitch. Your posts need to be interesting and value-laden. The more interesting and useful the content you post, the better the chance people will share it with friends. 

Your Social Media Profiles also Rank in SERPs

The social media profiles you have set up for your business also appear on the search engines’ results page. Search engines can crawl your social media profiles to get the information they need to rank them. For example, they will pull content from your profiles, like your business name, phone number, address, email, and website.

It Widens your Content Reach

The content you post on social media can be shared and viewed by more people. To increase their online presence and visibility, most organizations invest in solid, long-lasting SEO strategies. 

One of the many benefits of social media is that it offers businesses opportunities to widen the scope of their content reach. It’s estimated that Facebook users share 3,000,000 posts per minute. With that, there’s a good chance that your posts will be seen and shared by people interested in your products and services. 

If you use social media correctly, you could effectively double the size of your target market.

It Impacts your Local SEO

Social media has the potential to improve your local search engine optimization. This is because local search results are impacted by the social media posts you make. 

When you post on social media, you can tag local businesses in your posts. You can also include short-form business information within Google’s local search results. By tagging and including business information in your posts, you can help Google understand your business and its location better. 

It’s a Great Place to Find Keywords

Social media also provides you with information on the keywords you should be using to help your SEO. You should always write posts that relate to people’s desires or problems. This can help you know what keywords to use. Some people may be interested in your product or service, but they may not know you exist. Social media is a great place to help others in your niche find you.

In a Nutshell

The bottom line is that social media can positively impact your SEO efforts, but only if you use it correctly. If you use social media for your marketing and create valuable and interesting content, you can be sure to reach your target audience.

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