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7 Definitive Reasons Your Google Ads Are Not Showing up on Google

You set high hopes for a Google Ads campaign, and then nothing happens. This can happen even after creating a carefully crafted campaign. Don’t be concerned; anyone could fall victim to the pitfalls of search engine marketing.

The most likely explanation is that your account has a problem prohibiting your ad text from appearing in search results. If you want to avoid wasting your resources, you need to know which variables negatively affect your search engine marketing campaigns.

To better understand why your ards aren’t being effective, here are there are the seven common causes you should look into:

1. Duplicate Campaigns

The first reason is the most obvious. It is possible to create an identical campaign by mistake or duplicate a campaign. In the latter case, you copy an existing drive or copy a current campaign and make slight changes. If you have done this, you are at risk of not seeing the advertisements because they have taken the place of the original campaign.

2. Google Ads Keywords Are Not Ideal

If you do not have a keyword that matches the search query, your ad will not be shown. For example, if you have a keyword for “football,” but the user’s search query is “American football,” the advertisement will not present itself. This is why it’s often important to invest in long-tail keywords for specificity in targeting niche customers.

3. Incorrect Match Types

Your advertisement will not appear if you have more than one keyword but select the exact match type. If you have two broad match keywords and choose the same wide match type, the ad will be shown in searches for both keywords.

The solution is to switch to at least one exact match keyword and one modified broad match keyword.

4. Negative Keyword

Google ads will not be displayed if you have included negative keywords but not the matching keyword. For example, if your keyword is “red shoes,” and you add the negative keyword “navy blue,” your ad will not be shown in case someone searches for “navy blue shoes.”

5. Incorrect Ad Extensions

If you turn on the Ad Extension “Sitelinks Search Box” but do not have an actual search box on your site, your ad will not be shown. If you turn on the Ad Extension “Call Phone” but do not have a phone number on your website, your ad will not be displayed.

6. Incorrect Language

If you create an ad for English language users but have used the default Google country selection of “All countries,” it will not be shown to English users. This leads to a similar effect, regardless of which region you choose. If you have created the same campaign but have selected a different language, you will see an unexpected language.

7. Incorrect Location

If you have created an ad for a specific location but have set the appropriate place to “All locations,” your google ads will not show. If you make the same campaign but select a different location, you will see an unexpected location.


The above are some common reasons why your advertisements do not appear on Google. Now that you know the potential problems with your campaign, you can better handle your ad management efforts to drive positive results.

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