Our Favorite Digital Advertising Platforms

Our Favorite Digital Advertising Platforms

When starting a business one of the biggest challenges is getting your product or service in front of the right audience. You can have an awesome product/service, a beautiful website, and killer social media content but it can still be difficult to get new eyes on your business! What if we told you there was a way to target your ideal audience? With digital advertising you can do just that! While organic marketing is beneficial to your business, digital advertising positions you in front of the people you want to be in front of and can in turn help the performance of your organic marketing efforts. But where should you start? We’re going to break down how digital advertising works and share some of our favorite platforms for digital advertising to help your business get started with digital advertising today!

Why Digital Advertising is Effective

As a business owner, you might often find content being seen by a lot of eyes but not the eyes that turn into conversions or new customers. With digital advertising you have the ability to target the exact audience that you want. From location, demographics, interests, and more you’re able to put your ads in front of people that are already looking for what you’re selling or offering. 

Another great thing about digital advertising is that it is easily measurable. You’re able to see exactly how many clicks, conversions, leads, etc. came from the ads you’re running and are easily able to see what’s working.  You can even set the budget you want to spend so that you know how much of your business’s income is going towards digital advertising. If an ad isn’t performing well on one platform, adjust it! Digital advertising is all about getting creative and learning what works and doesn’t work for your business.

Our Favorite Digital Advertising Platforms

With all of the different platforms to run digital ads on, there is something out there for everyone! At Nick the Marketer, we believe in testing, testing, testing but, it’s important to understand the benefits of some different types of platform before getting started.


Google accounts for 92.1% of all internet searches. When it comes to Google Ads, there are two different types of ads to focus on, search ads and display ads. Search ads are text based and show up when people are searching directly for your product or service. With search ads we can even directly target your competitors so that your business shows up when someone is searching for them! Unlike SEO, search ads give you the ability to promote special offers and Google only charges you when someone has clicked on your ad.

The other type of Google Ads are display ads. If search ads are all things text, display ads are all things visual! Advertising on the Google Display Network has over 2 million sites and reaches over 90% of the people on the internet, giving your ads the opportunity to run on a huge collection of websites, mobile devices, and video content. Display advertising on Google can be broken down into 3 categories: website retargeting, behavioral advertising, and geofencing. All of these categories are explained here!

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

One of our favorite ways of advertising is through social media! With a combined total of over 4 billion users, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the perfect places to advertise your services, products, or B2B marketing. 

With Facebook ads, you can utilize image, video, text, slideshows, carousels, and more. Facebook even gives you custom options for placements so you can put your ads directly where you want across the platform. If you’re using images or videos to promote your business, Instagram is a great platform to also advertise on and the Ads Manager in Facebook makes it easier than ever to promote across both platforms. With the right imagery to reel in your audience and the use of a great call to action, soon you’ll be converting those clicks into customers through Facebook and Instagram Ads. 

LinkedIn is a great place for B2B businesses to advertise and is considered the top ad platform for Business to Business marketing in the world. Through LinkedIn, you can run sponsored ads by targeting a company name, industry, job seniority, and member groups!


YouTube has been booming as a social network and allows you to spread your business’s message to a wide audience. People are on YouTube for two reasons, to learn something or for entertainment. There are also many types of YouTube ads that could be beneficial to your business like skippable and non skippable ads, display ads, overlay ads, and bumper ads. Learn more about each type of YouTube ad here!

For your business, you might find that advertising on just one platform is what’s best for you. However, you’re not tied to just one! The beautiful thing about digital advertising is that you’re able to cross promote on as many different platforms as you want. However, as you start running digital ads you might realize that some platforms perform better than others and decide to rearrange your budget to focus your efforts into that specific platform. 

The number one problem every business faces is converting clicks into paying customers and it’s proven that digital advertising is a way to help do that effectively. Looking to boost your digital advertising efforts? We can help! Schedule a call with us today and let’s get started putting together a winning ad campaign for your business.

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