6 Content Ideas When You’re Running Out of Things to Write

6 Content Ideas When You’re Running Out of Things to Write

Did you know that writer’s block is a real thing? In fact, it can happen even to someone who writes regularly. If it’s something that you do for your business, you know that you can’t get stuck, or you won’t have fresh content on your website and social media. When that happens, your online presence can get affected.

To help you out, here are six content ideas from one of your trusted digital marketing agencies in Birmingham, AL:

1. What You Know of the Industry

If you have been in your industry for a while, you will likely have a stream of knowledge about it. Go back to when you were just first learning about it, and what things did you want to know? What things did you wish you knew? Or what insights can you offer those who are starting out in the same field? They may seem to be too simple for you, but for a beginner, what you know may be priceless information for them.

2. Customer Service

Customer service is a topic that any business can discuss, regardless of what industry you are in. Keep in mind that there are always new ways to make your customer service better. You can do your research and ask your clients what they think you can improve on or what they expect from a business’s customer service.

3. FAQs

There may be questions that you often get from your customers. Why not address those once and for all? You can pick one and discuss that in-depth or choose a few that you can give brief answers to in your content.

4. Your Opinions

What things about your industry do you believe in or have an opinion on? Take the opportunity to let your audience know about it. For instance, how do you think your industry is doing during this pandemic, and how do you think you can move past the challenges it presents? When you believe what you are writing, your confidence and conviction will be reflected, and people will be more engaged and more likely to trust your business as well!

5. Industry News

People always want to be updated on the latest trends and news in their respective fields. Why not make it a point to give your audience regular updates on what’s happening in your industry? This way, you will have regular content to write and also be your audience’s go-to website when they want to know what’s going on in your field. In fact, this can help establish you as an authority in your industry! 

6. Interviews

Are there experts in your field that you think your audience would love to hear from? Why not try to see if you could interview them? For sure, your audience will be thrilled to know what experts think about specific topics or industry issues. Aside from writing the entire interview, you might want to consider running a podcast for interviews or perhaps even have someone on your team do episodes where they provide helpful advice for beginners!


At this point, you now know that there are many topics that you can write or talk about. Don’t just focus on things that you are used to writing. Try to explore other topics or even try out new types of content, like videos or podcasts that could be something refreshing for your audience.  

With that being said, it’s understandable if you can’t focus all your attention on coming up with content for your business – not if you are already busy running it. If you believe that thinking about topics and writing content is already taking too much of your time, why not get experts to help you out?

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