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Social Media Management in Birmingham, AL

Staying social is time-consuming and can be a challenge to stay consistent. However, consistency is key. That’s why we create custom social media posting on all the major social networks for our existing clients. Each of our posts fall into one of 3 categories:

  1. Entertain
  2. Educate
  3. Execute

People are on social media because they want to be entertained by pictures of their family, a political conversation, or the new restaurant everyone is frequenting. Once we have entertained, we now have earned the right to educate your audience on the products and services your company offers. Finally, we can ask them to take action. Let us help you get the conversation started. 

Content Creation

When our team writes content for our clients, it is designed to serve a purpose. Our approach to content writing is a direct result of the problem we are trying to solve for your business. Our team’s background of traditional advertising and commercial writing, coupled with our unique approach to digital marketing, gives Nick the Marketer clients a distinct advantage over their competition.

Our content writing falls into one of 4 categories:

Story Telling

Your company has a story. The internet demands a structure. Because we are an SEO agency first, we have a way of telling your story in such a way that gets Google’s attention. We do this through original content, proper keyword density, and search engine relevance. While all that may sound technical, because it is, our talented writers are still able to add this functional content while keeping the attention of your potential customers.

Call to Action (CTA)

Content is only as good as the result it delivers. So we ask ourselves, “what action are we trying to elicit from our reader?” A good CTA is not always “buy now!” Oftentimes, we want the reader to feel an emotion, tell a friend, or click a link. And, sometimes it’s buy now! 

Blog Posting

Blogs are an essential part of helping your business grow. Much like storytelling, we make sure we are curating relevant content that answers questions your customers may have about your products, services, or team members. We write blogs both for your company website and as guests on relevant websites with high traffic. While both serve a different purpose, they both have a similar goal: increase your subject matter authority and drive traffic to your website.

Sales Funnels

Nick started his digital marketing agency in Birmingham, AL writing Facebook Ads and sales funnels. Sales funnels are carefully crafted email sequences designed to walk a customer through your buying process. A proper sales funnel is the culmination of all of our services tied into one process: 

Create an ad – drive traffic to your website – tell your story – call the buyer to action – sell them your product or service.

With our teams combined experience in various writing backgrounds, we’ve learned one hard and fast rule to live by…

People do not care about what you say near as much as how you make them feel!


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