Your receptionist is costing you a fortune!

Your receptionist is costing you a fortune!

Leaving the growth potential of your business in the hands of a $9/hour employee is a huge mistake If you want to grow your business! As a business owner, you are likely getting bombarded with attempts to contact you regarding marketing and advertising. I get it. You don’t have time for it. There is a need to have someone screening your calls and making sure you are able to focus on your business instead of listening to a sales pitch. So how is that working for you? Has your receptionist done a great job of screening calls? 

Most likely not. This is what I hear daily: We’re not interested. Leave your card. Leave some information. Dial tone.

This year alone I have helped dozens of companies make thousands of dollars and grow their business bigger than they thought possible. What was the first step in doing this? A great receptionist who was trained to see value in the right product for their business. They gave me an opportunity to meet with the owner. Granted, it’s on me to build the value of my services but that person was trained to understand the value when it was presented.

Take time train your receptionist. Let them know what a valuable opportunity may look like to you. Teach them to see your business through your eyes. When an opportunity to grow comes across their desk, they need to be able to get it to you. Do this so that your receptionist does not cost you a fortune. Instead, they will make you a fortune!

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