Why Is My Website Not Ranking? Here’s What You Should Know

Are you worried that your website is not ranking? You’re not alone. 

In the ever-evolving search engine landscape, it can take a lot of work to keep up with the latest best practices and trends. It’s easy for small mistakes or oversights to have a significant impact on how well your website ranks. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the most common ways your website could be hurting SEO performance—so you can make the changes needed to help boost your visibility online!

1. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can be defined as the same or similar content present on multiple pages within your website. It could also refer to similar content which is present on various websites. If search engines detect duplicate content, it will likely hurt SEO performance. 

Here are some of how your website could be negatively affected by duplicate content:

Search Engine Ranking

Duplicate content can penalize your website for keyword stuffing and low-quality content. When this happens, it will result in a lower ranking in search engine results or in some cases, removal from the index altogether.

Reduced Website Traffic

By having duplicate content, you risk losing potential customers who may have otherwise been directed to your website via web searches. With less visibility, your website will likely attract fewer visitors.

Difficulty Distinguishing Authority Sites

Search engines prioritize original, relevant content and rank well-researched websites higher than those with duplicate content. As a result, it can be difficult to distinguish legitimate sites from those with poor quality or copied content when users search for detailed information. 

2. Slow-Landing Pages

A slow-loading page significantly reduces the user experience, affecting the quality of a website and search engine rankings. Search engines like Google and Bing consider page loading speed as a factor in their ranking algorithm. The slower the page load time, the lower the site’s ranking. 

Slow-loading pages also drive users away from the website, as they are unlikely to wait a long time for the page to load. This leads to decreased website traffic which affects overall website rankings.

When optimizing a website for SEO performance, website owners should monitor the page loading time of their website and ensure it loads quickly and optimally. Additionally, when creating content for a website, careful consideration should be taken to ensure that all images, videos, and other elements keep up the loading time of the web pages.

3. Lacking Content

One major issue of needing more content is that search engines view this as a signal that the website needs to be more active and updated. This means they are less likely to rank the website higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Also, when content is sparse, web crawlers may need help finding information on new web pages or pages that have been recently added to the website. If these pages remain hidden from web crawlers, they will not be able to be indexed in SERPs and, therefore, will not be seen by potential customers. 

4. Domain Name That Doesn’t Make Sense

A confusing domain name can adversely affect your website’s SEO performance. Search engines use the domain name to identify and understand a website’s content, so make sure it’s straightforward to navigate. This should accurately represent the theme or concept of your site and should be easily identifiable in online searches.


Understanding the many common ways your website could negatively impact SEO performance is essential. Ensuring your website is optimized correctly is key to a successful SEO strategy. With the proper knowledge, you’ll be able to ensure your website is correctly set up and running optimally so you can get the most out of your SEO efforts.

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