What You Might Be Doing Wrong With Google Ads

What You Might Be Doing Wrong With Google Ads

When you begin going over your business’s ad budget, you’ll want to make sure that you’re spending your money wisely and focusing on the right platforms. How about using the internet’s favorite search engine with over 63,000 searches per second? Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) As a Google Ads agency in Birmingham, AL, we believe that Google Ads is one of the best ways to reach potential customers, especially locally. However, if you don’t have a basic understanding of Google Ads, you might find yourself making mistakes that can cost you, potential customers.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is pretty straightforward. They’re ads on Google! Google is the largest and most widely used search engine in the world, accounting for 92.1% of all internet searches, and businesses have been using it for years to grow their business and bringing in new customers. Using keywords that are defined to your niche, you can target the audience you want to attract and in return get more and more clicks on your business. Google Ads can be broken down into two different categories, search ads, and display ads. 

Search ads show up where you think they would when someone is actively searching for your product or service. When potential customers turn to Google to research a service or product, advertising your business on Google positions you right where they’re searching so that your business can easily be found. Google’s Search ads are text-based and require thoughtful and intentional verbiage. With search ads, you have the ability to even target your competitors and focus on showcasing your special offers. Unlike other advertising platforms, you only get charged when someone clicks on your ad and at Nick the Marketer, we make sure that the quality score of your ad creates the optimal cost per click to give you the best return on your investment.

While Google Search is text focused, Google Display is visually focused. There are over 2 million sites on the Google Display Network and reaches over 90% of people on the internet. Your ads have the opportunity to appear across numerous websites, mobile apps, and video content. Display ads can be broken up into three categories: behavioral advertising, geo-targeting, and website retargeting. These three categories focus on different areas!

Behavioral Advertising: With Google Ads, we have the ability to target what users are searching for or what websites they’re visiting with behavioral advertising. When someone searches for specific words or looks at certain websites, your ads can show up on their devices.

Geo-Targeting: Geo-Targeting allows us to create a digital fence around a specific are and serve ads to people that enter it. Upon set up, a boundary zone is created and if someone enters that zone, your ads begin following them around the internet. We also have the ability to Geo-Fence for weather patterns, events, and are even able to target your competitors with geo-fencing! You can learn more about how we at Nick the Marketer, a Google Ads agency in Birmingham, AL approaches Geo-Fencing here!

Website Retargeting: When someone visits your website, a piece of code will then tell Google to serve your ads over a certain period of time. Meaning, that your ads will then follow them across different websites that they visit on Google’s network. The goal of website retargeting is to remain top of mind and encourage users to return to your website.

Why Your Ads Might Not Be Working!

If you’ve tried running Google Ads in the past and had little to no success, it’s okay! Don’t give up yet. There might be some things that you’ve been implementing that could cause your Google Ads to not perform as well. These things could involve focusing on keywords that are too broad for your audience, running ads that aren’t relevant to who you’re trying to target, and having a poorly structured landing page. Lucky for you, all of these things can be fixed!

Bad Keywords: This is a part of the ads process that you really want to be successful at! If the keywords you’re trying to target are too broad, Google will be placing your ads in front of the wrong audience. If you’ve been seeing fewer and fewer clicks on your ads, try adjusting your keywords to clearly target the audience you want.

Irrelevant Ads: Your choice of headline and copy for your ad need to match what your ideal user is searching for. Your ad should be able to solve the pain points that the potential customer is searching for. Good news, there’s a possibility that your ad just needs a few tweaks to be perfect!

Landing Page: If your landing page for your ad does not give the viewer a precise picture of what you’re selling and a clear path on how to move forward in the funnel process, you’re missing out on so many leads!

As the internet’s most popular search engine, advertising on Google should 100% be a part of your business’s digital advertising strategy. However, for some, getting started might seem a little bit intimidating. That’s why we’re here to help! Schedule a call with Nick the Marketer today and we’ll help you form the perfect ads strategy for your company and avoid the mistakes for you! 

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