Video Call Etiquette and Helpful Tips

Video Call Etiquette and Helpful Tips

Nearly an entire year has passed since the beginning of a global pandemic, and it’s more evident than ever that the way business is done requires adaptation. Rather than waiting for things to get back to normal, professionals are transitioning to the new normal. Video meetings are here to stay and every company should be utilizing them properly. If you want to step up your game and become a video call expert, here are some tips and tricks that will help!


Always face the light source. Webcams capture the light source that is closest and will light that reflective surface the best. If you’re sitting in front of windows, the camera will try to adjust, leaving you looking like a dark silhouette.

Position soft white lighting in front of you and experiment with light placement to make sure you’re looking your best, avoiding shadows and dark spots.

Camera Placement

Your camera should at least be at eye level or slightly above your eye line. This allows your face to be the same size and shape it actually is when you’re talking to someone in person. No one wants to look up your nose because you’re holding your phone’s camera by your chest.

Move your video window on your screen near your webcam so that looking at others’ video feed mimics making eye contact, making the meeting more personal.

Background: Interesting or Distracting?

Including some personal items in your background is a great way to add some interest to your video so that you’re not just another talking head. However, there is a fine line that shouldn’t be crossed where your background is so interesting that it’s distracting and takes the attention away from what you have to say. Pay attention to your video feed and ask yourself if you’d be distracted if someone else had that setup.

Keep Your Video On

Nonverbal communication is such an important part of business interactions. People pay attention to the way you listen, look, move, and react. This tells the person you’re communicating with whether or not you care, if you’re being truthful, and how well you’re listening.

If your video is off, the natural assumption is that you’re not engaged.


Don’t be the person who interrupts the presentation because you didn’t mute yourself. Whether your video pops up on the main screen because your dog barked or you’re causing feedback and distracting everyone on the call, it’s not a good look.

On the flip side, don’t waste everyone else’s time by forgetting to unmute when it’s your turn to speak. There’s typically a long delay before someone chimes in to tell you that you’re still muted, and it always seems like 10 people try to do it at the same time, which is another nightmare altogether.

Check Your Connection

If your internet connection is slow, it’s going to be impossible to get the most out of the meeting. Either your video cuts out when you’re speaking, or you drop from the call. Make sure your connection is good, and fix the problem if it’s a consistent issue.

Hint: Wifi repeaters and high-speed wireless routers are more affordable than ever.

Rename Yourself

Add relevant information to your displayed name such as your company name or industry. There’s a big difference between “Devin’s iPhone 8” and “Devin Smith – Nick The Marketer” or “Devin Smith – Marketing Consultant”.

There are a handful of often used video call platforms, but a quick internet search for “how to change display name on ____” will get you the information you need.

The days of trying to wait out the latest fad that is video meetings are over. It’s time to get on board and incorporate these best practices as professional business skills!

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