The Different Types of YouTube Ads You Should Know Today

The Different Types of YouTube Ads You Should Know Today

When you really look back, you’ll realize that YouTube first came into our lives 15 years ago. Since then, the Internet advanced to greater heights which allowed the platform to be integrated into our lifestyles. As it gained popularity, Youtube today is the second most popular online platform, trailing Google. Beyond this, marketers and advertisers have since found a way to create video advertisements alongside the videos we produce and watch. This has been beneficial to brands and companies all over the world.

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of YouTube commercials that exist today and learn how advertisers may use them to their advantage.

The Skippable Advertisements

The first type of commercial is skippable in-stream video advertising, which pops up on our screens in between videos. After five seconds, the viewer has the option of bypassing these advertisements. The video commercial should be no more than 12 seconds and no longer than 3 minutes in length. 

One benefit of this form of YouTube advertisement is that you only pay when someone looks at it for at least 30 seconds or clicks on it.

The Advertisements You Can’t Ignore

With the exception of a skip button, these commercials can play before or during a video. If your brand needs exposure but is hesitant to risk hundreds of thousands of ad skips, a non-skippable advertisement is appropriate. 

Sponsors are charged differently in these adverts; they are charged per 1000 views (CPM).

The Bumper Commercials

Bumper advertising is all about the six-second, non-skippable video advertisements that play before a video. These adverts are appropriate for anyone who has a concise message and does not need a one-minute video. Again, these adverts are perfect for promoting an event or expanding a brand’s reach and frequency. If a 6-second spot seems extremely brief, keep in mind that Google studied 300 bumper advertising and determined that 90 percent increased ad recall.

The Discovery Advertisements

Discovery commercials are distinct from those on the other three networks. They function similarly to Google search advertising in that they appear alongside search results in a semi-organic manner. The adverts on YouTube encourage us to believe that it is a search engine. YouTube’s Discovery Ads have an “Ad” box in addition to the “Ad” label. A discovery advertisement consists of three lines and a thumbnail image. Furthermore, these advertisements may appear on the search results page, the video watch page, and the YouTube homepage, giving them even more visibility.

The Additional Advertising

YouTube also provides non-video marketing for businesses on a tight budget. To begin, while a video is playing, you can include a display commercial alongside the search results. This advertisement includes a photograph, text, and a link to your website. Furthermore, it can display a banner ad overlay during a video from a monetized channel. These non-video advertisements are pay-per-click advertisements.


You may find these video ads to be annoying most of the time, especially if they come up in the middle of a vlog, a documentary, or a music video that are entertaining to you. But hey, this is the new reality of online advertising in today’s digital world. Beyond the interruptions, you must realize that such a marketing or advertising strategy could be helpful for your business, too!

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