The Best Ways in Creating a YouTube Video Ad for You

The Best Ways in Creating a YouTube Video Ad for You

YouTube is a good way to advertise your products and services. As a lot of people now prefer going on YouTube instead of watching TV, adding YouTube into your marketing mix is a good choice. Now, you may think that coming up with a YouTube ad is the same as coming up with a TV ad, but that is incorrect.

YouTube video ads are different from those on TV. If you aren’t sure how to create your own YouTube video ad, read below to learn more:

Keep It Short

Most people go on YouTube to watch videos for their pleasure. So to have a long ad playing before the video would be bothersome for them. This is why you need to try and keep your videos as short as possible.

Ideally, the perfect length for a YouTube video ad should be 15 to 60 seconds. This is enough to relay your message, but not too long to annoy your potential buyers.

Make Unique and Captivating Content

A lot of businesses are now turning to YouTube to advertise their products and services. This can easily get your content lost among other businesses advertising their own products.

Even if it is just a short video ad, try to keep your content as unique and captivating as possible. This is especially important to catch the interest of your potential viewers and customers. Make sure to be engaging, especially for your target market.

Show What Your Brand Can Do

Some people may not be familiar with your brand or what your products and services do. In your video ad, try to show what exactly it is that your brand does and what it can do for the audience watching.

Do not only show benefits but the exact functions of your products and services. This way, they can understand what you can offer and how the product may help them. Let them know why they should be purchasing your product.

Make It For Mobile

YouTube is not only an app that is available on the computer, but also on mobile. So you should make your ads mobile-friendly, as well. Otherwise, they may not turn out well when viewed on a phone screen.

Most people also use YouTube on mobile, so it is only right to keep the mobile audience in consideration. Make sure the size and aspect ratio are correct and that it looks great whether it be horizontal or vertical.

Create an Enticing Call-to-Action

Don’t just make an ad to show off your product to potential customers. The purpose of your ad is not only to engage but to also entice your audience to purchase your products and services. This is why the call-to-action is very important at the end of each video.

Make sure you let your potential customers know what they can do to be able to get your products. You can encourage them to shop on your website or to contact you. Just make sure you present this in a manner where it is actually inviting.


YouTube is a great way for you to advertise your business. As many people watch videos on YouTube nowadays, it is ideal for you to create a video ad on YouTube, too. Follow our tips above and you will be creating a great YouTube video ad in no time.

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