Systems and Programs We Love!

If you’re a small business owner, you know first hand how difficult it can be to get your processes in place and stay organized when you’re just starting out. We’ve been there too! But luckily, we’ve gotten the hang of it and learned a few things over the years. At Nick the Marketer, there’s a list of programs that we use daily to not only generate leads for our clients but for internal purposes as well. So amidst this season of love, we wanted to share our favorite systems that we swear by!



We use Slack for all of our internal communication! Slack, we have dedicated channels for each of our client accounts to do check-ins on the progress of tasks, what’s still needed, etc. There’s also an NTM chat where we occasionally send new marketing trends, funny memes, and gifs.



It’s no exaggeration when we say that these past few months of using Trello have been life-changing and we will never go back! Trello makes it easier than ever to keep up with tasks, due dates, and to know who is working on which project.


Google Drive

This is probably a common one amongst small businesses but it’s definitely one of our favorites. Google Drive allows us to have a hub for all of our client content so that everyone in our team has access to what they need. We also give access to each of our clients so that they can log in and add photos, content, and notes as needed.



MailChimp is our go-to email marketing platform! We mainly use MailChimp to update our clients on what’s happening at NTM. We love that it lets us separate our lists and generate the emails based on who is receiving them. It’s the most affordable way to communicate in mass to your subscriber lists.



We use Drip to create multiple email communication sequences to help walk potential buyers through a sales process. It’s how we turn clicks into customers!



One of the tasks of being a website design and management company is being able to offer support to your clients if something goes wrong! To keep up with all of our support tickets that come in we use Freshdesk. This helps us stay organized and on top of the tickets that need to be completed.



If we’re building ads for clients, one very important step is creating the landing page that those that click on the ad will land on. For this, we use Clickfunnels. We’ve found it to be the easiest way to build dedicated landing pages and create funnels to sell your products or service.


Call Rail & PhoneWagon 

One thing that sets us apart from other marketing companies in Birmingham, Alabama? Our call tracking! We use both PhoneWagon and Call Rail to help us track phone calls for SEO and Google Campaigns.


What programs are you and your team in love with? We’d love to know!


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