Heating Up Your Summer 2020 Social Media Marketing Strategy

Heating Up Your Summer 2020 Social Media Marketing Strategy

Summer is almost here and it looks like we all might be continuing to social distance for a little while longer. As a small business owner, it’s important to get creative during these times and put some more focus on your social media platforms to stay connected with your audience! Users are now more connected than ever before after being in quarantine for a few months and a lot are looking for ways to continue to support small businesses during this time. Implementing a summer marketing social media campaign is a great way to take advantage of all of this online traffic. Here are some tips!

Get on Video

This is one trend in social media that we don’t see going anywhere for a looooong time! Users want to see the people they’re buying from, they want to experience the company and customer service first hand, and recording videos to go out on social media is the perfect way to do that. Whether you’re shooting a walkthrough of your warehouse or introducing a member of your team, showing up on social media in the form of a video is a great way to increase your engagement.

Summer Sales

Depending on your industry, summer might show a dramatic increase or even a decrease in your sales but that’s okay, you’ve still got this! What’s the best incentive to get people to buy this summer? Having a sale! Promote a discount for a week, or even a month, during the summer and use your social media to promote the heck out of it! Create graphics or videos to go along with the sales to get the word out. You can even run Facebook Ads to target your ideal audience and reach a wider audience.

Throw Creative Contests

Looking to grow your audience this summer? Throw a contest! Purchase a gift card from a popular restaurant in your area, a gift certificate for a spa day, or even a flat-screen TV to give away. Blast reminders out on social media and your Facebook or Instagram stories to create traffic and push people to share the giveaway to attract more entries and followers.

Hire the Pros

We all know that social media is an important part of any business in 2020 and lets users see a side of your business that they might not see from just visiting your website. Through sharing pictures and videos of your team, behind the scenes content, promoting specials or hosting giveaways, you’re building trust with not only current customers or clients but prospective leads as well. Social media not really your thing? The team at Nick the Marketer can help! We understand that social media can be time-consuming and it can be a challenge to stay consistent. That’s why we create custom social media posting not only geared towards helping your social media presence but by creating backlinks to help boost your SEO and help your rankings on Google!

If you’re looking for a digital marketing company in Birmingham, AL to help develop your social media marketing strategy, look no further than Nick the Marketer! Our team is ready to help you cheer alongside you as you crush your goals. Schedule a call today! 

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