Effective Methods for Generating Keywords for Google Ads

Effective Methods for Generating Keywords for Google Ads

The first step in designing a campaign strategy is to choose the right keywords. The goal is to identify the search terms that your target audience would use to find your solution. This post contains five tips to help you choose the best keywords for your campaign.

Method: Wear the Shoes of Your Audience 

You are a specialist in your field. Make a list of highly relevant terms to your business, as well as terms that your target market would use in a search engine to describe or seek your product or service. This list will be used as a starting point for keyword research with Google Keyword Planner or Ahrefs.

If you sell women’s watches, include terms like “women’s watch” in your base list. Include phrases like “ladies watches,” “women’s sports watches,” “women’s formal watches,” “women’s watches,” and “women’s watches.” This list may include your company’s name.

Method: Use Generic Keywords 

You could also utilize generic keywords related to your product/service. This is a list of keywords that are exceedingly competitive yet have a low value. Negative keywords must be added on a regular basis to filter out irrelevant traffic and avoid spending extra expenditures.

Although these keywords are unlikely to create high-quality clicks, you can test them and select which ones to maintain based on performance. Furthermore, using generic keywords allows you to find core keywords that you may have missed in your initial keyword list.

For example, if you search for “watches,” you might receive ads for “repair watches,” “kids watches,” and “watch shop,” among other things. Negative keywords include “-kids” and “-repair.”

Method: Use Match Types to Limit Adverts Visibility

The match type determines the keyword match. Notably, your campaign does not have to include every type of match. These match types can be utilized to influence the exposure and relevance of adverts. If you select broad matches, your ad will appear in a wider range of user searches. 

Furthermore, while exact matches give you complete control over which keywords appear in your ads, you will miss out on other related phrases that your competitors may benefit from. The best combination of these match types will determine campaign performance.

Method: Make Keyword Clusters with a Common Theme 

You can generate highly targeted advertising for each cluster by categorizing your terms. Clusters have been assigned to your ad groups. By using this rule to establish ad groups, you get control over the relevancy of the advertising, which you may gradually improve. It is not a good idea to group all of your keywords into a single ad group. 

For example, a user searching for “women’s luxury watch” may come up with a generic advertisement.

Method: Utilize Negative Keyword Phrases

Negative keywords, as previously indicated, prevent your advertisement from displaying in searches containing that term. Choose your negative keywords with care. Excessive usage of negative keywords may lead to a reduction in reach. Run the “Search Term” report and look for words that contain your term but have nothing to do with your business to produce a negative keyword list.

Your advertisement may display “watch repair” or “sports watch not working” if you use the term “sports watches” (wide or phrase match). In this example, include negative phrases like “repair” and “not working.” Include synonyms, singular and plural forms, common misspellings, and any near variants.


To make the most out of your Google Ads, apply these fundamental suggestions to your marketing strategy. Day by day, as you inch closer to your goal, you will also be able to keep a close eye on your online performance and tweak your keywords to get the best results! With these guided steps, you’ll be sure to generate leads in no time.

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