At Nick the Marketer, we help small businesses generate paying customers through digital marketing services like Search Engine Optimization, Google ads or PPC and social media management or simply put, we turn clicks into customers! However, this is more than just a catchy saying, it’s how we approach every aspect of marketing.

From paid advertising and SEO, down to the development of the website, everything we do is designed to generate leads. It all starts with our mobile-first digital marketing strategy!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO - Mobile SEO - Organic SEO

At Nick the Marketer, we have a completely unique approach to Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, that simply isn’t being done in our industry! Other marketing companies are focused on ranking keywords on page one of Google, we are focused on generating qualified leads for our clients. While this might not make us the best fit for everyone, it makes us the perfect fit for businesses, like yours, who want qualified leads that convert into paying customers.

Google Ads or PPC

Digital Advertising

Google Ads - Geofencing - YouTube Ads

If you had the opportunity to put your business directly in front of the people searching for it, would you? We’re willing to bet the answer is yes! Digital advertising allows you to tell your brand’s stories in different ways than your website might allow you to do.

Google Ads or PPC
social media management

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advertising - Social Media Management - Content Creation

At Nick the Marketer, we take pride in our approach to social media marketing! Our social media team understands the ins and outs of how to effectively run ads for your business on social media as well as creating posts on the appropriate platforms that will help grow your brand.

Website design and development


Web Design - Web Development - Web Management

Everyone wants to sell you a beautiful website, but beauty without purpose is a waste! That's why at Nick the Marketer, we focus on designing mobile-first, high converting websites focused on converting clicks into customers while being sure to maintain the integrity of your brand through typography choices, color, visuals, and more.

Website design and development


Starting digital marketing for your business can seem overwhelming at first and with the online space constantly changing, it can be hard for you to focus on your business as well as trying to maintain your digital presence. Our team at Nick the Marketer wants to help! We offer digital marketing services in Birmingham, AL (and beyond) and want to take the added pressure off of you so that you can grow your business in other areas. We do this through our 3 step process:


Get your Digital Footprint

See what your business looks like online! The digital footprint will allow you to take a look at what’s right and what could use some improvement. Once you’ve received your digital footprint, we can go over all of the results with you.


Generate More Leads

After we’ve gone over your digital footprint with you, we’ll then develop a marketing strategy to fill in the gaps of what your business is missing to help generate more leads. This could include a new website, SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, etc. We know that each business is different so your strategy will be unique to your business!


Turn Clicks Into Customers

Filling in these gaps with a crafted custom digital marketing strategy specific for your business’s needs will improve your digital footprint and will start driving traffic to your website or landing page so that you can convert them into qualified customers!


Digital marketing allows you to reach an audience you might not get to with traditional marketing (print, direct mail, billboards, etc.) Having a digital marketing presence allows you to connect with potential clients and customers online. Now, more than ever, people are spending more and more time online searching for products and services, scrolling through social media, and making purchases. Why not meet them where they are? Digital marketing allows you to establish trust, reach a different audience, incorporate different media, and gather data along the buyer’s journey. Through digital marketing services like SEO, Digital Advertising, Social Media, and Website Design, you can establish a different connection with customers than you’d be able to with traditional marketing efforts!

SEO, PPC management, social media


With over 10 years of experience in marketing and advertising, Nick has helped companies develop winning strategies to grow and expand their business. He has spent countless hours educating himself and his team on the art of turning clicks into customers.

At Nick the Marketer, we have created a team of rockstars where every member is skilled in their area of expertise! Our processes have been refined so that when we take on your digital marketing, we can help produce great results. While a lot of companies out there might promise you results and leave you wondering what they’re actually doing, we fully are committed to doing the best work possible to help you reach your goals while keeping you in the loop along the way.

We understand that your website is more than just a website, it’s your business’s digital brick and mortar. We want more than just a click on your ad, we want a conversion. We want your business to truly thrive which means bringing in more leads. All of our efforts revolve around helping you grow your business from the digital marketing side while giving you the time to focus on other areas of your company!




Ready to get started with digital marketing but unsure of where to start? We want to make it easy! First, start with getting your free digital footprint to see how your business looks across the internet. Next, schedule a call with a member of our team to fully understand your footprint and to formulate the best digital marketing strategy for your business.

Check Digital Footprint

Wondering how your business shows up online? Our digital footprint allows you to easily see what’s working and where we need to fill in the gaps.


Learn how Nick the Marketer can start helping turn your clicks into customers through digital marketing services strategized specifically for your business!