Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Are Making

Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Are Making

Some people may disregard or overlook social media marketing. Some believe that it does not work, while others may say social media is a crowded platform. No matter what reason one may have for avoiding social media as a marketing platform, it may be a misconception. Social media is one of the best marketing platforms, and the difficulty in using it stems from mistakes that you should be avoiding.

1. Marketing Without a Strategy

Any business that wishes to establish a social media marketing campaign needs to have a strategy. The strategy should be written and managed. If the strategy is not written and composed, then the strategy will not make sense. Without a strategy, there is no way to see the goals of your social media efforts. You will not know where you are going and how to get there.

The strategy should ensure that your efforts are being put towards the right marketing goals. The strategy should cover everything from the target market to the overall objectives. It should then be used to ensure that your social media efforts align with the plan.

2. Using the Same Approach for All Social Media Platforms

The same approach for marketing on one social media platform should not be used for another. Each platform has its hang-ups, core audience, and means to reach it. No matter the social platform, you should always ensure that your approach is suitable for the platform. If you know the platform well, you can have a lot of success with social media marketing.

Social media marketing will not be successful if you are not targeting your audience. You should know where they live, where they hang out, and how to get them to your site. That will only be accomplished if you have a firm understanding of the platform and the audience.

3. Not Engaging with Audience

The best social media marketing comes from engaging with the audience. Your content will go unnoticed without engagement as it gets lost in the sea of posts. The best content comes from engaging with the audience, which will lead to participation and interaction. The more time you spend engaging with the audience, the better your content will be.

Engaging with the audience is not simply asking them questions. You should be engaging with them rather than pushing at them. The audience will respond to questions that they are engaged with. Always be a participant and not just a distributor.

4. Using the Wrong Metrics and KPIs

Several metrics and KPIs can be used to determine the success of your social media marketing campaign. The problem with metrics is that they can be misused. The most common metric is the number of followers. While this is one of the metrics used, it is not the one that you should be tracking.

What is important is whether or not the followers are adding to the bottom line. You should be tracking your conversion rates when you are using social media marketing and when you’re not. 

If you are using social media marketing, you should be monitoring the social media metrics. You can then compare those numbers to the conversions to determine whether or not your social media efforts are successful.


Social media marketing is not a difficult task if you know what you’re doing. Most mistakes come from not having a strategy in place and not knowing the platform itself. If you stick with a plan that is in line with the platform, you will see success in your social media marketing efforts.

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