6 Valuable Benefits of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

Nowadays, most companies have a website because it’s an easier way to connect with new and existing customers. For this reason, companies go above and beyond in ensuring that their websites are functional and users have no difficulty using them. However, one thing that these companies often forget is that many consumers use their smartphones for browsing.

Smartphones have become everybody’s go-to device simply because it’s portable and easy to use. Furthermore, search engines also consider smartphones a viable source of traffic, so it’s in a company’s best interest to consider optimizing a site for a mobile device.

If you have yet to see the value of a website that’s optimized for mobile, here are some benefits that you can get:

#1 – Boosts Positive User Experience

If you’re trying to create a positive user experience for your brand, a mobile-optimized website packs a powerful punch. As mobile devices have become the go-to device for internet browsing, most users on the go will use their smartphones to search for information about your company because it’s readily available in the palm of their hands.

Furthermore, if a mobile user is going through your site and they find it hard to navigate or they are met with frustrations, the result is that they’ll likely leave your site. As a result, you’ll lose valuable exposure and a potential sale.

#2 – Increases Web Traffic

Web traffic matters because it’s one of the significant factors that can lead to conversions. However, many companies find it challenging to keep up with the volume. To make matters worse, many companies only have a desktop version of their website, making it challenging for customers to find your site when they’re on the go.

For this reason, a mobile-optimized website allows companies to capture and hold the attention of consumers who are searching for information about their products. On the other hand, a desktop version of a website is just another site competing for attention, and mobile traffic can often outweigh web traffic.

#3 – Faster Loading Time

A mobile-optimized site loads faster than a desktop version because mobile devices are designed to work with limited space and memory. If a mobile website is slow to load, it creates a frustrating experience for users, and they will likely leave, even if they were interested in learning more about your company.

On a related note, it’s worth pointing out that a mobile-optimized website is designed to work on various mobile devices, so it has to be compatible with iPhones, Android smartphones, and Windows smartphones. While desktop sites are designed to work for a specific operating system, a mobile-optimized site is designed to gracefully adapt to the various mobile devices that people use to browse the internet.

#4 – Advantage Over Your Competitors

A business with a mobile-optimized website is always better than one that doesn’t. It’s worth pointing out that a new customer will be immediately drawn to a business with a mobile website because it shows that the company is aware of the growing importance of mobile internet browsing.

Furthermore, a business with a mobile-optimized website will have an advantage over a competitor that doesn’t because it’s easier to is especially true if the competitor doesn’t have a mobile-optimized site because consumers will avoid it even if the website version is functional.

#5 – Builds Trust and Credibility

As more users spend more time browsing the internet from their mobile devices, it’s evident that the number of people using a desktop version of the internet to find information about a company is dwindling.

If you don’t have a mobile-optimized website, you’re at a disadvantage because your site will likely lose more traffic than anyone else’s website. However, a mobile-optimized website will show consumers how much you value their business, building your brand credibility.

#6 – Higher Search Engine Ranking

As mentioned earlier, search engines consider mobile devices to be good sources of traffic, and they will consider this when they rank a website. This is why a mobile-optimized website is a wise long-term investment, and it will pay off over time.

For example, a company with a mobile-optimized website will see an increase in search engine ranking over time because the search engines will notice that more people are searching for its website using their smartphones.


A mobile-optimized website will work wonders for any business. It will do nothing but positive things, such as boost your brand’s credibility, build your brand’s trust, and generate more traffic to your website. As such, any company that wants to be successful online should take the time to develop a mobile-optimized website.

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