Why You Should be Investing in Natural and Organic SEO

Why You Should be Investing in Natural and Organic SEO

Everyone seems to be using the phrases natural search engine optimization (SEO) and organic SEO these days. However, in particular grocery store aisles, the terms “natural” and “organic” are virtually identical and have small but important distinctions.

To make it clear, both natural and organic SEO refers to the same thing. In fact, SEO in and of itself is organic and should not be confused with PPC marketing, which is when you gain slots on the top of the search results by bidding on relevant search terms. 

With organic SEO, the goal is to rise to the top of search results by optimizing your content and website text. Instead of just paying for digital real estate with a service like Google Ads, you’ll be utilizing value-adding blog articles, relevant keywords, and strategically placed backlinks to gain long-term high rankings and attract visitors to your website. 

Reasons to Use Natural and Organic SEO

Wondering why natural and organic SEO is such a big part of a modern digital marketing strategy? Here are a few reasons it deserves a place in your marketing arsenal:

It Provides Long Term Results

If you have the funds, it may be pretty tempting just to pay Google a cut of your profits to remain at the top of the search results. While PPC certainly has its benefits and should be included in most brands’ strategies as well, SEO is just as important (if not moreso).

When you spend the time (and money) producing excellent content, whether it’s a blog post or video SEO, it will remain on your site forever and continue to contribute the desired knowledge, authority, and trust that Google’s search engine raters so highly value. While regular and relevant posts are required to maintain your rankings, the instructive YouTube video that your agency assisted you in creating last year may still bring you visits if the appropriate keywords are searched.

It Provides Legitimate Promotion

Have you recently performed a natural search on Google? If not, start a new tab and try again. The first few results you view will be labeled as advertisements (if paying customers are associated with these terms), as will the results in the right-hand column.

Users do click on paid ads (otherwise, Google Ads would not be in business), but since these sponsored results are plainly labeled as such, many people ignore them and go straight to the first organic page. Why? Because it is more likely to provide the value they want, techniques such as local SEO attract consumers who do searches for goods and services in your region. Such people are much more likely to click on a local business than a sponsored ad that is likely to be far less relevant.

It Offers a Better Conversion Rate 

To obtain a high position via organic SEO, you must load your site with quality content. Why? It is not enough to get people and page views; you must keep them there long enough for them to convert. To accomplish this, you must connect to the reader on a human level and inspire them somehow. While this takes more effort than just paying Google, it also increases the likelihood of recurring visits to your website. 

Paid clicks only guarantee a single visit, but it is your efforts to develop backlinks, refine keywords, and produce great content that wins organic clicks and keeps people coming back for more. Your organic SEO methods will earn the confidence of your readers while growing your brand, resulting in long-term consumers.

Final Thoughts

The need for search engine optimization has reached an all-time high. Even the most traditional companies realized the need to accelerate their digital transformation as consumers increasingly used online platforms to purchase products and services. To understand and engage customers at crucial moments, SEO is the most practical and cost-effective approach available.

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