4 Helpful Tips to Stay On Top Of Your SEO Game in 2021

4 Helpful Tips to Stay On Top Of Your SEO Game in 2021

When it comes to getting ahead of your online competition, remember that it’s not all about using the right keywords. More important than that is knowing your audience and providing them with pieces of content that they are looking for. After all, while they may use those keywords to search, the quality of the content and the relevance of the information provided on your website will make them stay and hopefully come back for more!

With that being said, the trends for search engine optimization in Birmingham and in other areas continuously change. Despite the world almost halting because of the pandemic, the digital marketing scene keeps on progressing. Because of this, you must always keep up if you do not want to be left behind the competition.

So, how should you approach SEO in 2021? Here are four tips to help you:

Write for Your Audience First

Unlike how things were years ago when people could trick Google algorithm, the platform has become so much more intelligent that you can’t outwit it. So, instead of focusing on how to please Google, think of how you can satisfy your audience. Yes, write for the actual reading humans first and then only think about search engines second.

Focus on Improving User Experience

Very few things are as frustrating for an Internet user as landing on a website that they can’t navigate. Most people won’t even bother trying to go from one page to another if they require extra effort or can’t immediately see navigation buttons. It’s easier for most users just to close the website and look for the information they need elsewhere.

Other things that could repel users are error pages, cluttered web design, and dead links, among others. If you want web users to keep on coming back to your website, you have to make it worth their while. Give them a good experience through easy navigation, optimized design, and high-quality content. When you do this, not only will you get your audience’s approval but also Google’s! 

Don’t Forget About Features Snippets

Featured snippets are among the most critical factors that come into play in the SERPs environment. These snippets are those highlighted answer boxes that you see at the top of the search engine results pages. Make it your goal to land that featured snippet. 

You can achieve that by formatting your content for a snippet and incorporating bullet points and numbered lists. Answering specific questions directly will also help a lot. Featured snippets will not only drive more traffic to your website but also help raise brand awareness.

Eliminate Any Element That Could Slow Your Site Down

Although this has been said many times, it’s worth repeating: work on your page loading speed! Today, people are impatient; they want the information they need instantly and can’t wait for a page to load. So, if there’s anything that’s slowing your website down, make sure you remove them immediately to improve the user experience.

You can try to clean up your code, delete old plugins that are not working as they should, compress your images’ size, and use tools that will actually help with your loading speed.


At this point, you now know four ways you can stay on top of your SEO game in 2021. Suppose you want your business to continue thriving in a time when everything is done online. In that case, you should exert effort in ensuring that you get the best digital marketing solutions available. This way, you can expand your reach, boost brand awareness, and dominate the SERPs environment!

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