We help small businesses, like you, create paying customers

We help small businesses, like you, create paying customers through


We're Turning Clicks Into Customers

This is more than just a catchy saying, it’s how we approach every aspect of marketing. From paid advertising campaigns and SEO, down to the development of the website, everything we do is designed to generate leads. It all starts with our mobile first digital marketing strategy.



Get Your Digital Footprint

What your business looks like online, what’s right, and what needs improvement.


Generate More Leads

Develop a marketing strategy designed to fill in the gaps.


Turn Clicks Into Customers

Drive traffic to your website/landing page, and convert them into qualified customers.

Why Nick The Marketer

With over 10 years of experience in Marketing and Advertising, Nick has helped companies develop winning strategies to grow and expand their business. He has spent countless hours educating himself and his team on the art of turning clicks into customers.


Nick the Marketer: Year in Review

As 2019 comes to a close, we’ve been taking some time to think about how far our company has come in just 12 months. There …

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Leads vs Qualified Leads (Yes, there is a difference)

Leads, impressions, clicks, views…. Everything matters, right?  If everything matters, then nothing matters. Your business grows when you have added new clients.  It doesn’t grow …

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White Label vs In House SEO Services

Digital marketing is a moving target when it comes to all of the services that fall under the category. When I hear a company say …

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Everything You Need To Know About Google Guaranteed

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20+ years, you know that Google is truly dominating the digital advertising world as the …

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Does Your Business Qualify For A Google My Business Listing?

At Nick the Marketer, one of our main focuses for Local SEO in Birmingham, AL is to make sure our clients have a properly set …

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