Nick the Marketer


The Strategist

Michael graduated from UAB with a Masters in Business. He’s been in the digital world since 2011 and in that time has managed just over 300 digital projects. He is heavily involved in the community including the inaugural class of Leadership Hoover. Michael brings to the table unique marketing strategies that grow the customer base of our clients.

Who we are, and why we want to help you succeed.

The first business that ever trusted me with their advertising flopped within 2 months. Through that first failure, I learned the secret of asking better questions and taking on the responsibility of results-driven marketing. It’s not enough for us to perform. We have to stop and ask ourselves, how will this affect the client. Just because we can…should we? Marketing is a skill. Advertising is an art.

We are committed to more than just a beautiful website. It’s your digital brick and mortar. We want more than a click on your ad. We are after a conversion. We want your business to thrive. That means you need leads. All of our efforts revolve around creating new business for your your company.

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