Nick the Marketer - COVID-19 Response Statement

COVID-19 Response Statement

To our valued clients,

Over the last several weeks coronavirus (COVID-19) has quickly spread across the globe. During these uncertain times, I and the entire Nick the Marketer team wish you, your families, and your employees safety and good health.

As you are focused on getting through this pandemic, we are focused on partnering with you to continue your business as (close to as) usual as is possible.

Nick the Marketer has a comprehensive contingency and business continuity plan in place, and we are executing accordingly. First and foremost, this means taking care of our people: our employees, our customers, and our partners.

We are a Remote-ready workforce: The entire Nick the Marketer team is equipped to be fully functional and provide uninterrupted service should our team members be required to work from home. In fact, many of our team members work remotely during any given week, ensuring no change of process or experience for customers.

All of our services are provided in house by our team members. That means we are not affected by the outsourcing of our services to vendors in other countries. Our internal communications are clearly outlined and streamlined to deliver your marketing services without interruption.

We are committed to being as transparent and proactive in our communications as this ever-changing situation allows. I encourage you to keep up to date with our plans by visiting:

Our team will be reaching out to you personally to make sure we are serving you well. Please let us know what we can do to support your business through our marketing efforts. 

Stay safe and stay healthy. We will get through this together.


Nick Hoard


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