How to Write an Awesome, Effective Blog

How to Write an Awesome, Effective Blog

One important thing you might be missing when it comes to marketing your business is growing your blog! We know, we know, it doesn’t sound like the most enticing task and to some, it might even sound dreadful but it’s a vital step in helping your SEO efforts. Starting a blog for your business can help attract new eyes to your website and even potentially convert those visitors into customers. However, when you’re starting out it can feel a bit overwhelming. Here are some great tips to help you understand the basics!

Plan, Plan, Plan

There are many different steps that go into planning a blog post, even for those who have great writing skills. While sometimes you might have a great idea and are able to hit the ground running, oftentimes, it’s best to do your homework before to save you some time in the long run. Things you should focus on when it comes to planning your blog are: knowing your audience, choosing your topic, writing an outline, and researching. We’ll break them down a little bit for you! 

Audience: There’s kind of no point in even writing a blog if you don’t know who your audience is. If you’re not targeting the right viewers to your blog/website, then it’s sort of like you’re screaming into the void. You can use your current clients/audience as a guideline and write like you’re talking to them!

Choosing a Topic: Think about what types of things your audience will be searching for! For example, if you are a countertop installation company your ideal client might be looking for tips on how to properly clean the different types of countertops. You can use online programs like or Google Keyword Planner to help define keywords to help determine a topic for your post. It’s also important to write about topics that excite you! One of the biggest ways to push people away from your blog is if you, the writer, don’t even seem engaged with your topic.

Write an Outline: We’re taking it back to your high school or college paper writing days with this one! Creating an outline before you begin is a great way to streamline the process. To get started, create 4 or 5 sections that you’d like to discuss about your topic!

Research: So, you have your topic and outline and your planning is off to a great start! Next comes researching. Although some topics you might know a lot about and are sort of able to skip by this step, sometimes you’ll be faced with a topic that you might not know that much about. This is where Google becomes your best friend!

It’s All About The Headline

When someone stumbles across your blog, you have about 2 seconds to capture the reader’s attention and get them to click on your post. This step is a bit different because you can do one of two things, you can either write your headline before you write your blog post or after based on how the headline fits. Having a great, compelling headline is one of the most important steps at capturing your audience and increasing the chances of getting your blog read or shared. As you continue to grow your blog, your headlines are something that you can experiment with as you go.

Time To Write

Pat yourself on the back, you got through the planning process of writing a blog! Now comes the fun part, writing it. Much like writing a headline, this part can be done in different approaches as well. You can either sit down and write an entire draft in one session or work on a little bit at a time and break it up. There isn’t a right or wrong way to write a blog post, you just have to find what works best for you! We recommend writing as much as you can in one sitting to reduce the chances of forgetting important points and stay focused on the topic for longer. If you’re just starting out, your writing skills might feel a bit rusty at first but with more and more practice writing a blog post will become second nature.

Like planning your post, there are also a couple of key tips when it comes to writing out the blog. For example, breaking up the structure of the page with subheadings and shorter paragraphs (like how we typically write out blogs,) having bullet points or a numbered list to help readers skim, and using captivating pictures/infographics either as your main photo or throughout the post itself. You can get a ton of free images from stock photo sites like Pexels or Unsplash!

Clear Call-to-Action

Once someone has read your blog, what do you want them to do? Do you want them to share it with their friends? Follow you on social media? Buy a product? Schedule a call? Having a clear call-to-action at the end of your blog is the best way to point your audience in the right direction! Typically for our blogs, we like to encourage readers to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call to see if Nick the Marketer would be a good fit to help their business’s digital marketing efforts. How you structure your call-to-action depends on what result you want from your blog!

There you have it! The basics of writing a blog post. While there is a lot more that we could dive into when it comes to blog writing, like captivating topics, headline writing tips, another thing we’ve learned over the years is to keep your posts as short and sweet as possible. However, if there’s something you’d like to know more about when it comes to writing an awesome, effective blog post let us know by following us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn!

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